Ostec-Integra Ltd.

We are interested in your result
We are interested not in the process but in the result. Your result. The more you are satisfied with our cooperation, the more sustainable our business is. And the better results we achieve, the more valued and justified our work is. We provide Russian production facilities with the best technological materials and service support from all over the world. For our partners, we open and develop the market of technological materials in Russia and the CIS countries. We build all our processes so that they organically complement yours.
We have everything you need for this. Financial stability, which gives you the freedom of manoeuvre in the conditions of mutual settlements. Smart and fast logistics from anywhere in the world. A large modern warehouse for storing materials with any storage conditions in Russia and Europe. Extensive knowledge of the Russian technology market, powerful and versatile marketing. An adaptive document management system that can meet export procedures of any level of complexity. A well-developed training program for Russian specialists to work with new materials and technologies. Reliable service and technological support for their implementation and application.
We are always in touch and interested in cooperation development. Our goal is not only the export of materials but also their successful application in production. The perfect embodiment of our common efforts is in the final product of the customer because the success of our partners and clients is our success.

About us

Ostec-Integra Ltd. is a division of Ostec Group. 25 years ago, we became the first suppliers of high-quality soldering pastes and materials for surface mounting in Russia.
Today we are the largest supplier of materials for the production of high-tech products, capable of solving problems of any complexity and scale. We help to develop and implement advanced technological achievements, providing materials to manufacturers of electronics, semiconductor devices and electrical goods throughout Russia and in the CIS countries.
years of experience
and stability
clients in Russia from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok.
marketing events held over the last 3 years
tonnes of materials supplied to Russia with our support annually
engineering and technological engagements every year

What we offer

Knowledge of the Russian market
Russia is a country of great export opportunities. We have sufficient financial power and resources to guarantee the security of any export business of our partners. For 30 years of work, we have thoroughly studied the domestic market and are well versed in all its subtleties. We assume all potential risks associated with clients throughout Russia and the CIS.
With us, you will be safe in one of the most attractive export markets.
Own large warehouse
We have a large, modern, professionally equipped warehouse in Moscow. It provides four temperature ranges of storage from -40 °C to +20 °C. It provides storage of products of six hazard classes according to ADR, and also creates all the necessary conditions for the storage of precursors and materials with a high content of precious metals.
We carefully monitor that a stable stock of basic technological materials that our customers may need is always maintained in the warehouse.
Long-term partnership
Our goal is not limited to just helping you export materials to Russia once. It is equally important for us to create a relationship with you that will be full of mutual respect, goodwill and understanding. We are confident that such a relationship is the future. Our suppliers and clients are partners whom we trust as much as we trust ourselves, and for whom we try to do everything as well as we would do for ourselves.
We have been cooperating with many suppliers for more than 10 years and we do not plan to stop there.
Marketing promotion
Russian business has its own peculiarities, but it has little to do with the horror stories that are sometimes told about it. We will introduce you to the features of the actively developing Russian technology market, tell you about important aspects of the local culture and mentality. We will provide you with maximum business transparency, powerful marketing promotion of products and brand, offer export development plans for your company and everything else to ensure that cooperation with us and our clients brings maximum benefit to you.
We are personally interested in your success.
Well-established logistics
Distances in Russia are difficult to imagine even for those who live here. However, we have managed to establish effective logistics throughout the country and overseas. For export needs, we have our own representatives and modern warehouses for storing technological materials in Europe. We take care of all document management, bureaucratic and customs formalities, and during transportation we always monitor compliance with the storage conditions of materials. For regular orders, we work on EXW or FCA terms and make payments in the currency of our partners.
You simply ship the materials to us at your factory and you can be sure that the export to Russia has already succeed.
Technical and service support
We will definitely monitor how your materials are implemented in local production: we will make sure that your products are used correctly, and the Russian side of clients has no issues. To do this, we have a powerful technical and service support. Our stuff consists of top-notch service engineers, and specialists are certified according to IPC standards. We are able to independently solve problems of almost any complexity, participate in testing and optimization of technological processes, conduct the necessary training of personnel – this will save your time and resources.
We are a Russian supplier who speaks the same technical language with you.
Your future is our future
25 years ago, we became the first supplier of materials for surface mounting technology, which has just appeared in Russia. Today, we are doing everything to be the first in the supply of high-quality materials for the most advanced industries in order to remain the first in the future.
We develop and improve every day in order to be the best of the best so that the best of the best would choose us.