Ostec group

Our Mission — contributing to the successful growth and development of clients’ businesses and the industry as a whole through increasing production efficiency by the implementation of integrated innovative solutions.

The Ostec Group is the largest engineering company in Russia and the CIS countries. It includes a number of specialized business units, the scope of which is as follows: the development of solutions, the implementation of integrated systems for the automation of high-tech industries, the supply of equipment and software for enterprises in various industries. Ostec's strategic areas of activity are microelectronics, radio-electronics, electrical engineering.
Our resources
Over the last 20 years the company has completed over 2,000 comprehensive projects. Today more than 80% of all enterprises of the electronic industry in Russia have equipment and technology solutions supplied by Ostec. The company provides a full range of services starting from audits of companies to fine-tuning of the process using the Client’s products with the after-sale technological support.
Ostec starts its activity
top-class specialists
servicing engineers
units of installed equipments
customer satisfaction on a scale of 1 – 5
More than 20 years ago Osteс was the first in the market to begin the development of advanced technologies. Since then, the company has retained its strong leadership position and always tries to be perfect in everything.
Development and support
Ostec is growing along with the rapidly developing field of innovative technologies and is seeking to be the first to adopt all the most advanced things.
The work of our united team aims at the assistance to the Clients in developing the efficiency of their production, as well as at the support of the Partners in their business development. Sharing knowledge with the purpose of advanced technologies development is an integral part of our collaboration with the Partners and Customers.
Team work
Successful long-term cooperation in business can be built only upon the principles of honesty and goodwill. Ostec’s activity is based on an individual approach to the implementation of projects and honest performance of its promises. The company is open to discuss any professional issues, ready to share new knowledge and experience.
Ostec Enterprise Ltd. and Partners
Ostec cooperates with more than 170 leading manufacturers of equipment and materials. We follow the principle of integrity in offering our services to the Customers, therefore there are only leading companies among our partners
To Ostec partnership means the following:
  • Joint activities on promotion
  • Support of the Customers in trainings under the Partners’ programs
  • Translation of technical documents
  • Organization of exhibitions with the Partners’ joint participation
  • Organization of negotiations with the Partners and Customers’ joint participation
  • Regular organizations of symposiums, seminars, press conferences, preparation of newsletters
  • Round the clock customer service
  • Participation in sales-meetings
  • Participation in our Partners’ training programs
For more information please visit our website: ostec-group.com
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